J 159
This magnificent Duesenberg has the only Barker Town Car body on it. It is also an early
right hand drive model. Barker installed this body to display the car in the 1929 Olympia Auto
Show in London England. The car was displayed as a Barker in the Barker booth. No where
on the exterior of car does it have a Duesenberg badge or name. The only place the name
appears is the firewall.
Below are some pictures of the wood in the rear of the car. There are two jump seats that
face each other. The drink cabinet is between the jump seats. The center picture is of the
fitted luggage in the trunk on the rear of the car. The picture of the exhaust manifold shows
the right hand steering gear. This car is the first right hand drive Duesenberg.
This is an opportunity to purchase a Duesenberg that is very correct. This car has been in my
family since 1969. It was stored at the ACD Museum in Auburn, Indiana for the last several years.
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Duesenberg J159 Barker  Body Town Car
      Thanks Jeff